Architeam: an integrated firm specialising in brand strategy and identity.

Architeam is a brand design and architectural firm founded some 20 years ago by Francesco Pettinato and Giuseppina Di Mauro. A strategic and creative consulting firm that offers corporate and brand identity, packaging design, institutional and product literature, web design, new media and retail design. The firm consists of creative people who work together in a multidisciplinary study where photography, illustrations, prototyping, three-dimensional modelling, technical advice are combined to provide solutions tailored to each customer. Our focus on design and development, quality control and service has allowed us to become a partner of choice for many different companies.

An effective design comes from an original thought.

The guiding principle of our work is an in-depth understanding of our customers’ objectives; we often say that their challenge is our challenge. We take pride in being able to solve complex problems with simple and effective solutions. Solutions that separate our customers from the competition. Solutions that engage and inspire consumers to buy. Attention-grabbing solutions.

The product is the brand.

We help companies of all sizes to develop their brands and to achieve their marketing goals. We have gained valuable experience and knowledge in various sectors (including food, beverage, luxury, non-food and services). Our business field is considered creative, but in Architeam we are guided primarily by reason and nothing is left to chance. A brand is not simply a brand, logotype, packaging or product, it is also the idea that the consumer has of the product or the company as a whole. In other words, brand strength derives from an emotional bond between the consumer and the product and service, that’s why we like to think of brand experience as a careful construction made of considerations that affect society and where the consumer’s needs are at the centre of the entire design process.

Involvement and inspiration.

Our work is made of moments, instances, introspection, involvement and inspiration. We get excited when we are given a new assignment; the beginning of a new challenge and a real opportunity to be able to achieve the results expected by our customer. This requires competence and the creation of a bond between the brand and consumer. We immerse ourselves into their culture, we analyse their needs, and we want to know what they expect from our brand. We align our customer’s objectives with the perception of consumers. From start to finish, we constantly monitor the results by referencing all points of contact between the brand and consumer, in compliance with our approach.


Francesco Pettinato has expertise in consumer branding and packaging design. He is an architect and the creative director of the firm. He is a member of AIAP.


Giuseppina Di Mauro is an architect, teacher and expert in communications, corporate identity and retail design.

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